Benefits of Homeschooling

28 June 2021
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28 June 2021 The Alchemy Team

Homeschooling is rapidly rising in popularity in Australia. Parents have varying reasons for choosing to home school their children ranging from giving the child a better learning environment and even having more control over the content the child uses for education.

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Similar to putting your child in school, there are benefits associated with choosing to homeschool your child. It’s imperative to consider these benefits to explore and exploit homeschooling fully.

No peer pressure

One of the challenges that come with putting your child in school is peer pressure. Homeschooling substantively cuts out negative peer pressure by limiting the child’s exposure to the outside world.

Negative peer pressure like drugs and vital safety issues is the leading reason why parents want to home school their children. The peer pressure concern is heightened with high school students, but depending on the environment and the school the child is in, it can start earlier.

Improved emotional freedom

Normal classrooms pile a lot of pressure on the student. Kids have to try to fit in and will often give in to peer pressure. Being educated at home doesn’t come with the same challenges. The child and the parent don’t have to worry about bullying or being ostracised, among other social pressures associated with schooling.

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Most homeschooled students are more expressive emotionally and don’t have a loss of self-esteem. Generally, these students seem happy and grow up to be more emotionally mature adults. 

Homeschoolers do better on tests

A recent study revealed that homeschoolers perform just as good if not better at tests in students homeschooled right to the high school level. This is best attributed to the more comfortable learning environment of the student and the fact that homeschooling focuses on the pace of the child, allowing them to learn at a rate that is comfortable for them.

Flexible schedules

Homeschooling benefits are not only for the students but for the entire family as well. When homeschooling, the rest of the family doesn’t have to worry about dropping or picking up the kids from school. There are no meetings or commitments. Also, the parents decide the length of the lessons, and they also decide when to take holidays.

This makes it much easier for the family to plan their schedule with reduced limitations and time constraints.

The more flexible schedule means more time for field trips, museum and park visits, which can tie in perfectly with what the student is learning at the time.

Children learn at their own pace

The public school system is often criticised for not catering to slow learners or the different learning methods of kids. It’s often considered a stringent method that sidelines some of the students. Homeschooling avoids confusion by letting the kids learn at their own pace. The parents and private tutors can also determine how best the child learns and adapt this to the curriculum making progress faster and more effective.

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This is more so the case for children that have special needs. In a public system, the child might be treated inadequately, which could result in social stigma. In a homeschool setting, the special needs of the child are a priority. The child is put in an environment that allows them to thrive in education.

There’s plenty of time for parenting

With homeschooling, the parent is intimately involved in the learning process. It gives the parents and the children a chance to bond and share in the excitement and joy of learning.

Closing Remarks

From these benefits, it’s easy to see why more parents are considering homeschooling as a viable option for their students. With invaluable resources like online tutoring, it is now easier for parents to provide their children with the best education right at the comfort of their homes.

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