How to Make Maths Fun

28 June 2021
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28 June 2021 The Alchemy Team

A majority of students consider maths a difficult subject. Not because it is hard but because they hate it. This is usually because of the approach most teachers use to teach Math. Most Math Tutors present mathematical concepts in a way that most students don’t understand. It’s possible to make Maths fun for all levels and make it easy for them to understand and excel at the subjects.

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Here are a few ways you can inject some fun into your math lessons and make it the subject that every student looks forward to.

Use modelling and student names

A good amount of math problems are story options. Using a student’s name is an effective way of keeping the class engaged. Coming up with enticing stories helps to retain the student’s attention longer.

In lower classes, some students might have problems understanding the question. Using visual aids like candy to help act out the problem will make the problem more relatable and grab the students’ attention. This also helps to create relevancy of the problems for the students.

Take the class outdoors

Math is all around us. It doesn’t have to be constricted to a classroom. Breaking the norm once in a while and going outdoors to get some fresh air and learning maths will help the kids easily recognise shapes and different concepts.

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The outdoors is a great resource for the creative math teacher that wants to take a unique and practical approach to math. Whether it is shapes, numbers, or story problems, the outdoors has a resource you can use to help your students visualise the problem and understand it better.

You can also incorporate trips to the grocery where you can teach the kids to count as you shop or take a road trip to take the pressure of learning out of the equation and open up the students to learning opportunities.

Play math brain games

As the young mind develops, you can incorporate brain games. Brain games work particularly well when working on equations. A good example is using flashcards which can aid in memory and retention. The cards can also help express values differently, making them more stylish and relatable to the kids.

Use video games

Video games play a big role in the lives of kids in the modern world. It’s time you embraced them and used them to our advantage. If your student is a gamer, you can make a connection between math and gaming to create powerful teaching tools that they will quickly understand and fall in love with. There are excellent math games and apps that the child can use.

You can also use their passion for video games to show them how critical math is in their long-term goals. This is particularly the case for children that want to become coders or want to build apps. The motivation could trigger them to work harder and change their approach to math.

Final Thoughts 

Maths doesn’t have to be a hard and detested subject. It only needs a little creativity and dedication to change the perception of students on the subject. Once the perception changes, students will realise that Maths isn’t a difficult subject. It is actually manageable with the right attitude and consistency.

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